Welcome to Stoneman's

My life experiences border on unbelievable, however I can assure you that they are real, I am real and the stories I share come from these experiences. This is my place, the writings, ramblings, opinions, rants and raves expressed are mine, (unless credited and used with permission content). Please, grab a Tea or coffee and enjoy.

Stoneman's Stories

Beginning at a very early age I was put in tiny rooms where I had very little interaction with people. these experiences taught me to live in my head. That gift was exercised and grew to be my therapy. I love stories, listening, reading and sharing.

Stoneman's Rants and Raves

I’m opinionated, I know you’re shocked. I’ve lived and experienced so much in the travels and actions that make up my life. I will vent here, and leave you the opportunity to comment or vent as well.

Stoneman's Legal

Throughout my life I have had to put myself in the path of the Canadian and American legal system for the “Cause”. This will be the platform to share my experiences and some possible remedies. Once Canada passes c51 this should swell with challenges and stories of others.